Supporting health innovators to activate their potential

The daily pressures of life edge us all towards thinking mainly about getting through the week.
Great leaps in human advancement come when minds are slow down and think connectively, abstractly about longer term possibilities.
GLF provides practical structures and programs that help individuals
understand and activate their full research and teaching potential.

Practical solutions for academic entrepreneurs within the healthcare sector.

GLF is a think tank working within the context of academic entrepreneurialism.Its founding principle is that whilst most science is a result of steady incremental progress, great leaps forward in scientific endeavour come from people with a set of mind allowing long-term thinking and innovation. Its aim is to catalyse academic curiosity, independent thinking, intellectual flexibility, resilience and personal drive amongst high functioning and high potential professionals.

An innovative response to a complex Health future

A key defining reality of human existence on Earth is the growing importance of public and personal health; population growth is a relentless phenomenon and for many across the planet, healthcare is poorly developed. GLF supports academics and researchers to take their place as health innovators in the quest to find sustainable local and global health solutions.