"Unlocking entrepreneurial             capacity is a difficult journey         of personal recalibration"

Farrell, 2021

Our mission

To inspire academics to innovate and find new ways of conceptualizing, funding and delivering knowledge creation and dissemination that are hands-on, user-centric and practical, adding measurable tangible value.

GLF activities to promote entrepreneurial action

Seed funding

Support academic entrepreneurs to find funding by purposefully leveraging knowledge, skill and strategic relationships through coaching, mentoring, performance psychology, group workshops and self-directed learning.


Research, support postgraduates and publish to develop the field of academic entrepreneurship. Research and implement programmes supporting academic staff to expand professional influence and impact.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Activate entrepreneurial action in identifying new knowledge that can be translated. Partnering and collaborating with multidisciplinary players within the university to generate and/or translate knowledge.

Coaching & mentoring

Coaching academics and researchers (levels three and upwards) - supporting them to engage more fully with their innovative capacity.

Mentoring academics – supporting them to engage more confidently and with more skill on issues of research planning, seeking grant funding, managing the funding cycle, handling internal and external politics, etc.

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