Entrepreneurial ideas have made the world better.

Some entrepreneurs enter the field of venture creation with open-minded, unfettered ambition and drive. For others, the shift towards being more entrepreneurial is exciting and potentially rewarding, but it’s a difficult journey of personal recalibration.

Great Leap Forward supports the entrepreneurial activation of health science researchers and academics.


Our Aims

GLF aims to support postgraduates in developing academic entrepreneurship by:

Supporting academic entrepreneurs in finding funding by purposefully leveraging knowledge, skills & strategic relationships.

Providing coaching, mentoring, performance psychology, group workshops and self‐directed learning.

Our fellowship program

World Health Challenges

The challenges of the world’s human health context are increasing. New technologies and breakthroughs in understanding and practice have the potential to increase the quality-of-life for many. 

Wits University has a role to play as a creator of innovative and scientifically sound responses to these challenges.



We all have the potential to let go of some of what holds us back from developing a vision, crafting that into a plan, gathering resources and mustering the courage to take the first and then the second and the third step forward.

Entrepreneurship is challenging.

Entrepreneurship is challenging. Bold, determined, growth-minded independence are often not core personal competencies.

We can all be entrepreneurial.

At some point in our lives we will all step away from safety, identify something that we want and take steps to gain that thing.

Some will.

Some individuals will develop and finesse an ability to see opportunity; they’ll mobilise people, money, equipment and knowledge. 

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